First Windows Phones on sale in Spain (Europe?) October 21?

A Spanish-language financial focused website,, is reporting today that Windows Phone 7, to be announced by Steve Ballmer on October 11th in New York, will go on sale in Spain on October 21st

Ten days later on October 21, the mobile will reach stores Spain MoviStar, Vodafone and Orange, hand already working these days in their respective campaigns launch. As it has know sources close to Microsoft, elEconomista (MSFT.NQ) ) the first manufacturers shall HTC, LG and Samsung. Later add Dell and Toshiba, among others.

(translated by Bing)

This summer, Microsoft President Kevin Turner mentioned that Windows Phone would launch first in Europe in October, and then in the US in “the November timeframe”:

“…in the October timeframe and the November timeframe, October likely across Europe and November likely across the U.S. we’re back in this game”

Microsoft has been criticized in the past (in the comments here on LiveSide, for sure) for being too US-centric, and so it’s refreshing (although a bit frustrating to not be first on the list for us Americans!) that Windows Phone will be a multi-country launch, giving the rest of the world a shot at the new phones before they become available in the US, even if its only a matter of weeks.