IE9 Beta launch: is your mind melting?

Back at the hotel after a full day of IE9 goodness, hope you all have had a chance to download and install the bits on your Vista or Windows 7 machines.  Long Zheng has a nice slideshow up to complement our liveblog, and although we’re not even going to attempt to upload video from the hotel wifi, we shot a bit of color around the day as well.

We’re still working on getting Pinned Sites for LiveSide set up (we did manage to turn the back button to LiveSide orange, woohoo!).  And while we’re learning our way around IE9 (still hunting for some stuff, and relearning motor memory on others, but so far pretty impressive!), our friends in London didn’t quite get Dean Hachamovitch, but they got the Gorillaz instead:

Internet Explorer 9 Gorillaz (thanks, Tom!)

You can check out in IE9 for the full, umm, Gorillaz experience.