IE9 and Bing

The Bing Team is very excited about the new capabilities in IE9 and how they can be used to provide a very rich search experience. The concepts they’ve shown at the launch event will be made available in preview format for users of the IE9 beta later this month.

So what can we expect?

· Animations that make search come alive, making Bing’s signature home page image an even more engaging experience.
· Smooth and beautiful transitions. Transitions are seamless from query to search results and then back again, and gone are the jarring page flips of the past.
· Previews of images, videos and text are bigger, bolder and easier to trigger
· In addition to being able to pin Bing directly to your Windows 7 task bar, an IE9 “Jump List” for the most important search tasks, from shopping and travel to maps, news and entertainment. Key features of Bing are just a single click away.
· A smooth scrolling feature provides better utilization of screen real estate, keeping horizontal, right- and left-hand navigation and the search entry box all in place while you scroll through results
· Transitions in “Quick Tabs” and “Visual Search” will provide a more powerful and application-like experience.

Sounds cool, but how is that going to look? Take a look at the following video:

Can’t wait!

Developers: If you are using Bing Maps, please read Bing Maps & Internet Explorer 9 (Beta)