IE9 annoyances


Been asking a few question from our Twitter account about IE9, as with one dead laptop battery, spotty hotel internet (we’re at Starbucks now),  and holding some great conversations with Softies and others on IE, Windows Phone 7, San Francisco, and more, it’s always hard to get a full post in.

But ask we did, and after getting a bunch of responses to “have you installed?” (of course!), we asked “Anything really bother you about #IE9?”.  The results were many and varied, so we thought we would share some of them here:

We’re still learning our way around, muscle memory is making it hard to get used to the Favorites “star” on the right, and for some things the UI seems a bit too clean – we were told how to get the list of viewed pages available in the Back button (you hold the Back button down), but still haven’t found how to open a single home page tab (we have multiple home pages, and in IE8 you could open a single one by dropping down a list – it may still be there, we just haven’t found it).

What are your annoyances about IE9, after having a full 24 hours to play?  And what do you like the most?