Windows Live Calendar to get weather updates, full-session SSL and a name change?

Windows Live CalendarWindows Live Calendar was updated to Wave 4 back in June 2010, but it left many disappointed as the only updates it received since Wave 3 was the addition of a mobile counterpart. While the Calendar backend was subsequently updated to include Exchange ActiveSync support, the main Calendar website at received no updates at all except a change to the Wave 4 header. Well, it seems like the upcoming “refresh” to the Windows Live online services will bring us some slight improvements to the Calendar service, as we were able to obtain a screenshot: of the upcoming changes:

Windows Live Calendar with weather forecast

As you can see, Windows Live Calendar will get a nice little feature which shows the weather forecast for the next five days. This will be shown in the day, week and month views and can be turned off if preferred. Users will be able to view the temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit format, as well as changing the city / postcode for the weather forecasts (which seems to be linked to what gets shown on your Windows Live Home page).

In addition, with Hotmail recently getting an update with Exchange ActiveSync support, the next step for the Hotmail team is to implement full-session SSL as part of the Wave 4 promise. Well, it seems like not only Hotmail is getting this, Calendar will be adding full-session SSL support as well, as shown in the Calendar Options menu:

Calendar Options[9]

We also noticed a slight name change to the Windows Live Calendar service, now being referred to as “Hotmail Calendar” throughout the website. In fact, looking at the first screenshot above, the title of the page now says “Hotmail” rather than “Calendar”. Seems like Microsoft is trying to push the branding of the four pillars of Windows Live to a more prominent position – we’ve seen services pushed under the “Messenger” pillar with “Messenger social”, “Messenger Companion”, and “Messenger Connect” – “Hotmail Calendar” may well be the next step in pushing the “Hotmail” pillar. (You can actually see it being referred to as “Windows Live Hotmail Calendar” now at

With the near-final release of Windows Live Wave 4 imminent, we already know that Windows Live Sync is getting a rebrand with new features and extra online storage, and we also got clues that a new mobile devices management service might be coming as part of Windows Live Devices (this is in addition to the Windows Phone Live service), we wonder what else Microsoft has up the sleeves for the final release of Windows Live Wave 4?