Office Web Apps: 20 million strong, now with new features

Office Web Apps, only a little more than 100 days old, already has had 20 million users view, edit, and share Office documents on the web.

Today they’re releasing a number of new features, including embedded Excel and PowerPoint docs, clip art and more themes for PowerPoint, and charts and the auto-fill handle for Excel.  The Excel Web App is now available as well on mobile devices, joining Word and PowerPoint in the mobile browser.  And in the Word Office Web App, you can now print from edit mode as well as view mode.

Here’s an example of an embedded PowerPoint presentation, as featured on the Office blog:

Another new feature, given that over 90% of Office Documents stored in SkyDrive were created on the desktop in Office, is the ability to now open Office documents on your desktop directly from SkyDrive.