Windows Live Web Services refreshed – Service Status, Devices, LinkedIn connected service now available!

So yesterday we saw Microsoft (temporarily) updated the Hotmail Calendar service with the new features like weather updates. It seems like that’s just the beginning of a new wave of updates coming to the Windows Live web services. If you go to any Windows Live web services today (except Hotmail and Contacts), you’d find the new updates. Some are subtle, while others are quite obvious. To see if you’re using the updated version, simply look for the arrow next to your name on the top-right hand corner. Here’s a few things we’ve noticed with this new update:

  • is now live! Thanks to a tip from Jan, you can now check the Windows Live Service Status via The service allow you to check the current service status for Hotmail, Calendar, Messenger, Social, SkyDrive, Contacts, and Mesh, as well as checking the past history of service statuses during the past 14 days:
    Service Status
    You can even drill in to each day to see what the service outages were on that particular day.
  • Windows Live Devices gets an update with new SkyDrive icon, and a new supposed Mobile portal at However this new mobile portal doesn’t seem to work yet, and we expect this will change as it gets closer to the Windows Phone 7 launch. The SkyDrive synced storage seems to still be at 2GB though.
  • LinkedIn connected service now available! Just go to and connect LinkedIn to your Windows Live account!

Noticed any other updates as part of this refresh? Let us know by leaving us a comment below!