Hey, we have a friend! Welcome WMPowerUser.com!

kipdrodyWith a Windows Phone 7 release just weeks away, we’ve been trying to keep up on the latest Windows Phone news, but the truth is you can only spread that peanut butter so thin, and a number of sites go much more in-depth on Windows Phone than we do.  Our new friends Surur and company at WMPowerUser.com have been thinking the same thing about their Windows Live coverage, and this week Surur contacted us with a casual proposal to share some links and help each other out a bit.

We think it sounds like a pretty good idea, and so this weekend WMPowerUser.com will begin to syndicate excerpts to our posts over on their site, and we’re running their latest headlines at the top of our homepage.

Surur and company think the same way about Windows Phone that we do about Windows Live, and in an email exchange with him this week, he said:

I am a bit evangelical about the Microsoft ecosystem, and while I enjoy the game of page views and revenue, for me it is in a large part about educating others about this. That is why I started WMPoweruser.com 2 years ago and never started covering Android, like most other Windows Mobile smartphone sites did over the last year. I believe the cloud portion of Microsoft services are very underappreciated, which is in large part why I approached you.  I think our sites are complementary.

Of course we’ll keep covering Windows Phone here at LiveSide, too, especially with Windows Live related news (and where is that Messenger client for Windows Phone, anyway?), but we’re happy to have WMPowerUser.com aboard, and looking forward seeing where this all leads!