Windows Phone 7 buzz heats up: US launch Nov. 8?

We’re getting right down to the wire with the launch of Windows Phone 7, with a launch announcement with all the trimmings expected in New York on October 11th, and news from multiple sources that WP7 will launch in Europe on October 21st.  Now Paul Thurrott from Windows Phone Secrets (and SuperSite for Windows, etc.) is reporting that he’s hearing from “a very reputable source” that Windows Phone 7 will launch in the US on November 8th.  While we’re not sure quite what the significance of the Nov 8 launch date is, it might be a real good time to open that Microsoft Store in Bellevue.

In the meantime, our friends at found some fun new ads for Windows Phone 7, coming from HTC.  They have two, here’s one of them:

Are you getting excited for Windows Phone 7?  Will you be in line to buy one (we’re already planning a trip to Bellevue Square!), either on Oct. 21 or Nov. 8 ?   Let us know in the comments!