Save The Poles, Phase 3 Started!

Back in April we told you about Eric Larsen and his goal to be the first man to reach the world’s three poles — South, North, and summit of Mt. Everest — within one calendar year.

The first phase, the South Pole was completed on January 4th 2010. Phase two, reaching the North Pole was completed on Earth Day 2010 (April 22nd). We also said he would start phase 3, Mt. Everest, this fall. And he has!

You can find information on Eric and his expedition at, read the latest news and discussions about his expeditions on Newsvine, engage with his community on Facebook, track his progress through Twitter or follow his climb through his journal entries and videos on his website

Bing is the major sponsor of “Save the Poles,” Poles,” an expedition of Explorer Eric Larsen and his team. This expedition is meant to raise awareness of climate change.

We wish Eric and his team the best of luck!