Windows Phone Live teased in Windows Phone 7 video

While we’ve seen plenty of screenshots showing what the “Find My Phone” feature of the upcoming Windows Phone Live service looks like, there had been almost no leaks of the actual Windows Phone Live interface. Well this seems the case no more, as Long Zheng from just spotted a promotional video from which features what you can do with Windows Phone 7 and a Windows Live ID. About 49 seconds in it showed off the user interface of the Windows Phone Live homepage, to be available at Here’s what was shown, in high resolution thanks to RoguePlanetoid:

Windows Phone Live

On the screenshot you can see three sections: on the top you have your phone’s details and link to the Find My Phone service, and in the middle you’ve got “My Content”, and on the bottom it provides link to other services (Windows Phone Help, Xbox LIVE and Zune).

In the “My Content” section, you can clearly see that all your phone book contacts and your photos taken on your Windows Phone 7 devices are automatically synced with Windows Phone Live, and displayed in metro-styled tiles. On the right you have your “next appointment” from your phone’s calendar, as well as your recent OneNote notebooks stored on your phone. From the previous descriptions of Windows Phone Live, we presume all the photos and OneNote notebooks are stored on SkyDrive. We’re also hoping that all the contacts and calendars shown are directly synced with your Windows Live Contacts and Calendar respectively. But given that you may also sync contacts and calendars from other services like Exchange and Google, we unsure whether these will be synced with Windows Live, or the Windows Phone Live service simply allows the interface to view them online.

Only a few days until the announcement of Windows Phone 7, be sure to watch the webcast live! We’ll continue to update you with the latest Windows Phone 7 news, but you can also check out our partner for greater coverage of everything related to WP7.