Windows Phone 7 press materials

While Joe Belfiore demos Windows Phone 7 (looking very fast and smart), here’s a list of press materials now up on The Microsoft News Center:

EA Mobile to Publish Games for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft and Partners Unveil Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio

Windows Phone 7- Ending Bad Phone Behavior With Better Phone Design

Windows Phone 7- A Fresh Start for the Smartphone

Update: HTC has announced its lineup of 5 phones running Windows Phone 7:

HTC Goes Big With Microsoft; Launching Five New Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

AT&T announced their lineup as well, and announced that their video service, UVerse, is coming to the Xbox 360:

AT&T to Offer Leading Portfolio of Windows Phones

AT&T Extends TV Watching to More Devices With Launch of U-verse TV on Xbox 360