Upcoming Bing announcements: Facebook, and a “major redesign”?

fblikebigBing is set to unveil its “fall lineup” in an event in San Francisco tomorrow (Wed Oct. 13).  A number of sites are reporting that Facebook will be an invited guest, perhaps announcing a relationship involving anonymised data coming from Facebook’s “Like” button, which All Thing’s Digital’s Kara Swisher wrote about last month:

The Like button, which Facebook has been trying to proliferate around the Web, allows users to indicate an interest in a page with one click that then tells their Facebook friends.

That’s because it represents search based on what people are actually interested in rather than just crunching massive amounts of information and muscling it into something useful.

And it would also presumably give Bing a little leg up on Google (GOOG), since data will be available on it that is not available on the search giant, made more important as Facebook’s information-generating audience grows ever larger.

(via TechFlash)

But there may be more to Bing’s announcements tomorrow (we were invited to attend, but couldn’t quite pull off another San Francisco trip, as much as we’d like to be there).  Twenty-something blogger Steve Neff is calling tomorrow’s announcements “a major re-launch of Bing on Tuesday, which will fully embrace HTML 5” in a blog post on Politically Illustrated that just hit Techmeme.  He goes on to embed a TechCrunch video of Bing’s HTML5/IE9 demo from the IE9 beta launch, showing an early preview of an HTML5 enabled Bing:

Neff also refers to Google VP Marissa Meyer’s “resignation” because “she has failed to transform Google’s search product into a streamline product like Bing”, so we obviously have to take his “news” with a grain of salt.

Still, there will be a Bing event in the morning, and we’ll bring you all the latest.