Messenger Connect is out of beta: What’s new

A pair of blog posts on Inside Windows Live today are announcing that Messenger Connect, the set of development tools that allow you to bring Windows Live Messenger functionality into your website, has gone final.

First, Jeff Kunins announced that Messenger Connect is out and available worldwide:

Today, we are pleased to announce that Messenger Connect is out of beta and available worldwide. We’ve gotten a great response so far: leading sharing syndicators ShareThis, AddThis, Gigya, and AddToThis have already made the Windows Live sharing badge available on more than 1 million websites

Then Angus Logan goes a little deeper into what’s new, starting with fairly new revamp of (which actually redirects to, links to some sample sites (identity, sharing badge, chat control), a clearer explanation of permissions on the Messenger Connect Scopes page, and access to new tools:

Once you decide to add Messenger Connect to your site, we wanted to make that easier to do, so we created some new tools. For the sharing badge (which doesn’t require registration via our developer portal), we now list all the “aggregators” that include the Messenger sharing badge. We also built a small prototype tool to demonstrate how you can generate the code to add the badge to your site. This prototype does some interesting things like only showing the sharing badge for specific browser locales etc.

If you are using functionality like identity, social distribution, and in page IM/chat, you must have a Client ID – you can now get a Client ID via the developer portal without requiring acceptance into the beta. You can just go to and sign in with your Windows Live ID, and create a Client ID. During the beta we had limited access and were periodically onboarding developers.

There is also a new template selection tool, better Analytics, and much more.  Check out the blog posts:

Messenger Connect is out of beta and available worldwide

What is new in the latest Messenger Connect release

and you can learn more in the Messenger Connect forums at