Windows Phone 7 Launch: Connector for Mac, Messenger, Adobe Reader, and YouTube

The first Windows Phone 7 device went on sale in New Zealand earlier today, and should now be available to customers in 10 other countries. Coinciding with the launch today is the availability of the “official” Windows Live Messenger appMessenger by Miyowa. This app is now available for download in the Windows Phone Marketplace:

Messenger by Miyowa

Messenger by Miyowa app Adobe Acrobat X app YouTube app

What’s also available today is Adobe Reader X, which integrates fully into the Windows Phone 7 experience to allow users to open PDF files from e-mail attachments, web browser, and from the device (?). The YouTube app is also released today, but seems to be simply a plugin which opens in the web browser and allow users to watch any YouTube videos on their Windows Phone 7 device. As expected, while YouTube videos can now be played, Flash won’t be supported yet on WP7, despite previous clues pointing to Adobe Flash Player 10.1 supporting Windows Phone 7 devices.

The second piece of Windows Phone 7 news today came from, which revealed the solution for Mac users who owns a Windows Phone 7 device – the Windows Phone Connector for Mac:

Windows Phone Connector for Mac

Contrary to previous reports, this will not be a full-fledged Zune software like the Windows version, and will not feature the Metro UI nor the Zune / Windows Phone Marketplace. This application simply allows synchronisation of music, photos and videos from iTunes and iPhoto onto the Windows Phone 7 devices. Neowin claims that the Windows Phone Connector for Mac beta will be available to the public on October 24th. We’ll keep you posted!

(Thanks to our partner and for the heads up!)