Talking Windows Live with CodeCast

Ken Levy was a Visual FoxPro MVP, went to work for Microsoft where we met him, left again, and has been busy on a number of projects ever since.  One of those projects is “CodeCast”, a podcast for developers in association with Code Magazine.


We interviewed Ken Levy back in 2006, when he was a Product Planner for the Windows Live Platform, and he finally got us back.  Ken spent a bit more than an hour with me talking about (among other things) Windows Live, SkyDrive, the Outlook Connector,, and the Spaces move to WordPress.

It was fun to talk Windows Live with Ken, and you can check out the podcast at CodeCast.

(by the way, we spent some time today re-linking some of our old interviews and videos, still some work to do, but we wanted to be able to link to Ken’s interview.  Apparently there’s a WordPress plugin for everything, and we found one that embeds an audio player in our old posts, problem solved.  We’re in continuous learning mode with WordPress, but we’re getting there!)