Did Windows Live Calendar cancel November?

LiveSide reader Alex alerted us to a problem with Windows Live Calendar that apparently started within the last 24 hours or so, where users have found all their Calendar appointments for most of the month of November and the early part of December gone.  A number of threads have popped up at WindowsLiveHelp.com (thread 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), all reporting basically the same thing:

I signed in today to check our appointments, and they were there for the entire month of November. After I had checked the details of one, all appointments from Sunday 7November through to Sunday 12December disappeared. I logged out and then shut down the computer , that did not work. I then tried reentering the recurring appointment times, and they appeared, but when I logged out of the calendar and logged back in, the were gone again.
I did not receive any error message and it occurs regardless of which internet browser I use. Can you please help!!!!!

Obviously this is quite disconcerting to Calendar users, who have come to rely on their Windows Live Calendars:

All of my appointments after Sunday November 7th have disappeared and when I re-enter them they do not save. My wife is having the same problem and we rely heavily on the calendar for ongoing medical appointments.

Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch, and the data will show back up again shortly. Indeed the missing entries are apparently accessible via the mobile interface, so this looks like an inconvenience more than a disaster, although tell that to the couple looking for their medical appointments.  Are you experiencing problems with November/December entries in Windows Live Calendar?  Have your entries been restored?  Let us know either way.