Office Web Apps integration coming to Facebook Messages

A big announcement today over at Facebook, with news of their new Messages functionality, including the news that users of Facebook Messages will be able to view Office documents by opening them in Office Web Apps from within Facebook:

Facebook’s new messaging platform integrates the Office Web Apps to enable Facebook users to view Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with just one click. As you know, Office helps you create stunning documents that bring your ideas to life. Now you can easily share those ideas with your friends and family on Facebook.

When you receive a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document attachment in your Facebook message, click "View on" to view it in the browser in high fidelity via Office Web Apps or click "Download" to download the file to your computer (where you can open it in Office on your computer).

There’s lots more to this Facebook announcement that we’re still digesting, including what it will mean for Windows Live Messenger/Facebook integration, we’ll have more soon!