New on (US only) Music/overview

Bing continues to blur those 10 blue lines, creating subsites within Bing that are more destinations than portals.  The latest is an Overview page for music artists, containing on a single page a description of the artist, a list of songs (snippets are playable, along with a link to lyrics, and you can even buy songs from within Bing), albums, events, videos (taking you to a Bing/video page to play), images, and even (gasp!) news and web links.


Nicely laid out with lots of white space, the Music overview is one stop shopping for a quick rundown on a favorite band or artist.  As usual, it’s US only at this time (much of this has to do with the intricacies of music licensing and how it differs by country, we’re sure), but commenters were quick to point that out over on the Bing Community blog post announcing the new pages.