We can has a Windows Phone 7 App

With Windows Phone 7 numbers going through the roof, and the devices being able to be very easily unlocked, we thought now was the best time ever to jump on the huge bandwagon that is Windows Phone 7 apps. Ok, so that might be a little heavily laden with sarcasm, but we do still have a WP7 app, which was very kindly made for us by, well, me actually.

Take a look:
Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3 Screenshot4Screenshot5

For those without a WP7, check out the quick video of the app:

Our new shiny WP7 app

The app is free and will allow you to get all your Windows Live and Microsoft news right on your phone. If you have any feedback, be it fault or suggestion, do please get in touch with us at feedback at liveside dot net.

You can download it now from the marketplace using the button below or just search for us on your phone.
Download our Windows Phone 7 app