What features should be added to Windows Live Writer?

That’s the question Aaron Bregel is asking you:

At the end of every product cycle and after a product has been released to manufacturing or released to web the next logical step is to start to plan for the next version.  Of course in reality planning starts before product release and continues throughout the development milestones.

The question of the day and this post is “What features should be added to Windows Live Writer?”

Things I would like you to think about before you answer is what are features that are great for all bloggers?  For example “you should add replace to go along with the find feature”.  The other is what features do you selfishly want added? For example, “I do not care about Blogger users I want shortcode support for WordPress” or “clearly you need support for Posterous to be added to Live Writer”.  Also if there is something that you consider a “bug” that you would like to see fixed that would be great to hear about also.  In that case please be as detailed as possible.  It is not helpful to read something like “fix the fact that as everyone knows Live Writer uses <div> in tables incorrectly” (I made this example up but I hope it proves the point I am trying to make in that give as much detail as possible with examples).

Please leave your feedback below his post.

Of course there is no guarantee that your suggestion will make it into the product but hey, at least you get a very early chance to tell what you want added to Windows Live Writer!