Two Windows Phone 7 updates coming in early 2011

Rumours around the web are saying to watch out for two of the upcoming conferences – Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, and Mobile World Congress in February – for announcements on the first and second major update to Windows Phone 7 devices.

Tom Warren on his personal blog stated that according to his sources familiar with  the plans, Microsoft will bring CDMA support and the much-touted copy and paste functionality to Windows Phone 7 at CES in Janurary 6-9, 2011, as promised back in October 2010 when the first Windows Phone 7 deivces were unveiled to the world. In fact, several testers with the Samsung Taylor devleoper prototype devices have reportedly received an update recently and included the copy and paste functionality. Check out the video below:

Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste functionality demo

The second and larger update is rumoured to be announced during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona between February 14-17, 2011, exactly one year after Windows Phone 7 was unveiled to the world at the same conference. According to Tom Warren, the second update will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications, including several new APIs that will allow for greater multi-tasking, in-app downloads and better customization for end users. Microsoft’s Senior Technical Evangelist for Visual Studio Brian Keller also hinted that plans for a Silverlight update to Windows Phone 7 may also be unveiled at Mobile World Congress.

There are also rumours that Microsoft will bring tethering support and map improvements to Windows Phone 7. What else would you like to see Microsoft to bring to WP7 in its future updates?

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