Montage: Search Fun by FuseLabs!

Last week at Le Web conference, Microsoft demoed Microsoft Montage.

Montage is a shareable, personal, visual album of the web. You are able to design your personal Montage around a topic by adding content that pulls information from a variety of sources including, RSS feeds, Twitter, Bing News, YouTube, video and Bing Images. Your Montage is constantly evolving as you arrange each area with the content of your choice – which is easy, intuitive and fun; and can be on any topic from, movies, sports, to robots.

Sounds like fun! Let’s create a Windows Live one.
1. We go to Montage, type in Windows Live and click Create.
2. Choose a lay-out
I actually like the first one shown so I’ll keep that.
3. Not completely satisfied? Split, resize, change content, remove, you name it, it’s possible. image

4. Let’s have a look in settings, what can we do here? Hey, change background and thumbnail, neat!
5. All done, now we publish. and share to Twitter and/or Facebook! Add some tags, grant Montage access et voila:
There’s our Montage of Windows Live!

Montage was designed at Microsoft’s Fuse Labs.