Missing Hotmail emails: they’re back (sorta)

Just a quick update on the great missing email/folders caper over at Hotmail, a number of Facebook fans of the “Hotmail…wth” page are leaving comments that their emails and folders are back…except for emails from last 3 days.  We noticed last night that Windows Live Corporate Vice President Chris Jones had joined the Facebook page, and he was quoted as saying a fix was on the way:

From Chris Jones of Microsoft:

We have identified the source of the issue and are working to restore email access to those who have been affected. We expect the process to take several hours and will post an update as soon as it is complete. We sincerely apologize and thank you for your… continued patience.

Good news for those affected, and hopefully Hotmail will be able to restore those “last mile” emails, too.  Let us know if you spot any announcements from Hotmail on the subject.