Microsoft shipped 2 million Windows Phones last quarter

According to a set of tweets from Bloomberg News journalist Dina Bass, who interviewed Microsoft executive Greg Sullivan for an upcoming story, the company shipped (edit: the software for..  MS did not actually ship the phones, of course) 2 million phones last quarter.  Sullivan would not say how many of those phones were sold to consumers, as “they aren’t the retailer” and don’t have exact numbers, according to one of Bass’s tweets.

Some other tidbits from the upcoming story: satisfaction rates for the phones is at 93%, brand awareness is up 22% to 66%, and there are 24,000 registered developers who have posted 6,400 apps for the new phones.

We’ll have a link up to the article as soon as it’s posted, for now you can check out her tweets at!/dinabass.

Update: here’s the story: Microsoft Shipped 2 Million Units of Windows Phone 7 Software Last Quarter, by Dina Bass, Bloomberg News.