Microsoft touts data security on “Data Privacy Day”

data-privacy-dayToday is “Data Privacy Day” (what, you didn’t take the day off?), and Microsoft is celebrating by rolling out a blog post on how much they’ve been doing lately to protect our accounts, especially in Hotmail.

The blog post, on the Inside Windows Live blog, by Dharmesh Mehta, points out that Hotmail has received the (first for any US based webmail service) TüV Trust IT Corp (edit, here’s the corrected link to TÜV TRUST IT) “seal of Trusted Email Service”, and Fox Business ranked Hotmail #1 for safety and security.  Microsoft has been working together with Google and the rest of the industry on data privacy and security, too.

Dharmesh goes on to highlight features like the shield icon and Microsoft Smartscreen, the single use code for Live ID, and more.

Do these data privacy advances make a big difference for you and how you use Hotmail?  How do you use Hotmail?  Take our poll (in the sidebar on LiveSide) and let us know what you think of Hotmail on this Data Privacy Day.