New Windows Phone update KB published, update coming soon?

Microsoft has published a rather daunting looking Knowledge Base article on troubleshooting Windows Phone 7 update problems, presumably getting ready for the hopefully soon to arrive update to the new phones.  The update is widely expected to add copy/paste functionality to the phones, as well as performance improvements.  There has been some speculation that updates to the phone software to allow CDMA phone support (read: Verizon) is coming as well, but that hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft.

The KB article goes through a number of basic troubleshooting techniques (install the Zune software, check your USB connection, restart the phone, etc.), and then goes on to provide a list of error codes and their meanings, which may be quite useful (but hopefully not).

Microsoft has bet big on the ability to update the Windows Phone software directly, something that Windows Mobile phones were criticized for (and more recently, Android).  While this first update is expected to be available for all Windows Phones, it’s unclear how the relationship between Microsoft, the mobile carriers (who would just as soon that you bought a new phone, with a new contract, as update your current phone), and consumers will play out.