Reading the WP7 update tea leaves: no new apps, Zune update

While we still have no official idea of when we’ll see the first Windows Phone 7 update, we’ve noticed a couple of hopeful developments, which may or may not signal an impending Windows Phone update.

First, for the past two days, our friends at aren’t showing any new or updated apps coming into the pipeline, the number has been stuck at 7696.  Now if you’ve been following along via our embedded WP7applist app counter in our sidebar, you’d know that these numbers increase pretty regularly by about 100 per day (except on weekends), so having two days of zero growth is interesting, to say the least.

Then, some sharp eyed Zune users noticed an update available for the Zune software this morning.  The update doesn’t seem to change much except to update ZuneWmdu.dll, as noticed by @keyboardP on Twitter:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/keyboardP/statuses/35055361312428032″]
There wasn’t much information available other than that, and indeed the Zune guys played coy for a while, as noted on

This afternoon, however, @skipdeez (Matt Akers) tweeted the reason for the update:
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The link points to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article detailing the fix for problems in updating Windows Phones with the Zune software:


Of course it’s a little hard to be impacted by a Windows Phone update issue unless there’s an update to begin with!