Drive Bender, can it replace WHS Drive Extender?

drive-benderIf you are or were a fan of Windows Home Server, you know that late last year a decision was made to remove the “Drive Extender” technology from Windows Home Server “Vail” (now known as Windows Home Server 2011), a decision that caused quite an outcry among WHS enthusiasts.

Well now we’re getting word through HomeServerLand that a possible replacement for Drive Extender is about to surface.  Next week, a beta will be made available for Drive Bender, a new concept with some promising attributes:

Drive Bender is state of the art storage pool technology for Microsoft Windows.

Drive Bender takes single point storage to the next level. Inspired by Microsoft’s "Windows Home Server" Drive Extender technology, Drive Bender is a product that provides the same level of functionality, and more, for all versions of the Microsoft Windows**    **(XP and above)

We don’t know much else about the company or the project, yet, although there is a bit of information on the about page:

Drive Bender is developed by Division-M (formally a division of Jacal Consulting). Division-M has developed many enterprise and consumer grade applications over the years. Most notable was our flagship product Game Jackal which, in late 2006, was sold to SlySoft Inc.

The minimalist website at doesn’t say much, except that there will be a beta starting on February 21, 2011.  You can sign up for the beta on the website, and follow @drivebender on Twitter for more news and info.