Don’t forget to update your Spaces blog to – only two weeks left then *poof*

If you’ve been following Windows Live at all, you knew, like us, that there wasn’t much hope for Windows Live Spaces, and we were genuinely relieved when we found out that Windows Live had worked out an agreement with to be able to migrate people out of Spaces and onto WordPress.  It really was a case of making the best out of an unfortunate situation.

Windows Live has been doing its best to urge and remind you that the March 16th deadline is rapidly approaching, and to make sure that you move your blog before you lose data.  You won’t be able to recover anything after the 16th.

We’ve posted already on a couple of email reminders Windows Live has sent out, and today Dharmesh Mehta posted again on the Inside Windows Live blog about the move, noting that over a million new accounts have been migrated over from Spaces.

And yes, some of you have been procrastinating – Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg posted on his twitter account today that they’ve seen quite an uptick lately in new blogs coming from Spaces:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/photomatt/status/43132138480078848″]

So if you haven’t moved your account over, get moving!  You only have 2 weeks left!