Bing for Mobile browsing gets better for iPhone and Android: Windows Phone support coming “later this year”

Bing has updated its mobile browsing experience again, iterating for every platform but Microsoft’s apparently, as browsers with HTML5 support (Windows Phone 7 not among them) get fresh and new content while the built in Bing experience in Windows Phone continues to languish.  Of course this will change somewhat when IE9 for Mobile ships to the Windows Phone “later this year”, but given that it’s taken 4 months to get copy/paste shipped (and still counting), we can’t say as we’re holding our breath for enjoying HTML5 support on Windows Phones anytime soon.

However, we can dream, and look longingly over at the iPhone or Android (not really), checking out such new features as Transit Directions and Real Time Transit, improved Image search, weather results, Shopping, and more:


You can read more over on the Bing Search blog, and watch Stefan Weitz walk through the changes in two videos: