Stitch together video with Microsoft Research ICE

You may be familiar with the photo-stitching capabilities of Windows Live Photo Gallery, well they’re powered by technology coming from Microsoft Research, called ICE, or Image Composite Editor.  ICE has just gone live with a new version, 1.4.2, that you can download and run directly, which features some new capabilities beyond what you will currently get from WLPG.

One big new feature of ICE is video stitching, the ability to capture still images from a number of video formats and stitch them together, creating for example “motion summaries”.  Here’s an example, along with the upload to PhotoSynth (which is another feature of ICE):


The new version of ICE has a number of other new features, as well, including an improved blending engine, automatic lens vignette removal, accelerated stitching on multiple cpu cores, no image size limitation, Photoshop layer support, and much more.  You can read more about ICE on the Microsoft Research site, and read more about video stitching on the HDView blog.

Thanks for the Twitter tip, Gilly!