Bing HTML5: still here, and captured on video

Getting both positive and “not yet” reports on Bing HTML5, and as luck would have it Bing HTML5 is still here, for the moment.

Some of our commenters (the ones who are seeing Bing HTML5) had the same first reactions as we did, waaaayyy too much black.  We’re not sure why the iPad gets a beautiful Bing app and we get what looks to be kind of a mess of an unfinished HTML5:


Sorry, but that just looks… bad.

(Note: the more we look at this, the more it seems “unfinished”, rather than “bad” – it looks as though there are some transition effects missing, and we’re getting a black placeholder.  Let’s hope so)

Anyway, thanks to Travis Brown at WinPhonia (who was much more ambitious than us), here’s a short video comparing the old Bing and the new Bing HTML5:


Good work, Travis!

We expect that Bing HTML5 will continue to roll out in the coming days (at least here in the US), and wouldn’t be surprised to see it officially announced next week at Mix, along with Silverlight 5, Windows Phone, and more web development news from Microsoft.  We’ll be there, stay tuned!