Chris Pirillo geeks out over the Bing iPad app

This week, to lots of good press, Bing released an app for the iPad, and today uber-geek Chris Pirillo posted a YouTube video where, well, he can’t stop gushing about Bing, the app, and how with this app, Microsoft “got its sexy back”.  For those of you who don’t know, Pirillo is a guy in love with technology, ranting and raving about all sorts of stuff on his blog, his live video feed, and (until this year), his annual tech conference, Gnomedex.  He’s the ultimate tech enthusiast, as you can probably tell from the video:


For those of us who have remained blissfully ignorant of all things Apple, Chris’s tour through the app (and for us, through the iPad) is admittedly impressive.  Not only can you get to the information you need quickly, but the iPad seems to bring out the essence of Bing in its full glory: far more than just 10 blue links.

Oh, and the part where Pirillo pulls up the Google iPad app in comparison is priceless!