Miyowa to bring “official” Windows Live Messenger app onto Android Market

According to reports from French website Clubic.com, it appears that Microsoft is set to launch its first officially-endorsed Windows Live Messenger client onto the Android Market next Monday April 11th. Interestingly, unlike its iOS counterpart, this app is developed by Miyowa – the same company that developed the "official" Windows Live Messenger app on the Windows Phone marketplace. Below are a few screenshots provided by Clubic.com:

Messenger on Android 1Messenger on Android 2Messenger on Android 3Messenger on Android 4

This app will be free but ad-supported, and will be compatible with all devices with Android 1.6 or later. The app will feature push notifications and multi-tasking, however, just like its Windows Phone 7 counterpart, this app will be missing things like file transfer or integration with Windows Live SkyDrive – features that are found on the Messenger app on iOS. Based on what we’ve seen with the Windows Phone 7 version, we also expect this app will not support MPOP (multiple points of presence) – the ability to sign in at multiple locations at once.

While it is good to see Microsoft expanding it’s Windows Live services across multiple mobile platforms, we definitely hope to see Microsoft focusing more effort on their own mobile platform – Windows Phone 7. With MIX11 coming up next week, perhaps we might hear about official Windows Live Messenger integration in Windows Phone 7 coming as part of their upcoming "Mango" update? Wishful thinking? We hope not.