Messenger by Miyowa: it’s not official (but what is?)

This week we posted on Messenger by Miyowa for Android Market, and our source,, referred to the new app as the “first officially-endorsed Windows Live Messenger client” released for Android.  Since then, in comments, on Twitter, and in some private email exchanges, we’ve been seeking some clarification on the “official” state of Messenger by Miyowa clients.

We thought we were getting somewhere last night until we were tweeted a link to a Microsoft France press release, which (translated) didn’t do much to steer us away from thinking that the app was “official”:

SSY-les-Moulineaux, on April 11, 2011 – major player in mobile services in France with 4.5 million users *, Microsoft today launches the Messenger by Miyowa free download application in the Android Market and announces the arrival of the application. After the recent launch of Messenger on Windows Phone 7 and the success met by the application on iPhone *, Microsoft brand once again its willingness to offer its users access to their favorite mobile services wherever they are, in any fluidity.

However, and after a few more emails, we do think we’ve clarified, and have received the new official statement:

“Messenger by Miyowa is one of several partner-built and certified options available through the Android Marketplace and not a Microsoft app.”

Ok so now we have some clarification, but of course the larger question still remains: where is an official Messenger app, if not for Android at least for Windows Phone?

While we don’t expect to hear much/anything about Messenger here at Mix, we do expect to hear more about some Windows Phone features that may make a real “official” app more likely, and we believe that sooner (or in the case of Windows Phone, probably later), we’ll see a Microsoft developed set of Windows Live apps.  One can only hope.