Bing Rewards (US only), now on your browser

Bing released the Bing Bar in February, a quite useful tool featuring Translate, stocks, news, weather, and yes, Bing Rewards.  The problem of course is that the Bing Bar is an IE only affair, and so if you’re in the US and want to take advantage of building points for rewards like gift cards, Microsoft Points, Farmville cash, and more, you needed to use the Bing Bar to quickly build up those reward points.

Today in a blog post Bing is announcing that Bing Rewards is now built into Bing, and available on IE7, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.  Our commenters had already spotted the Bing Rewards function on the new HTML5 version of Bing:


But as this image from the Bing blog post shows, the Bing Rewards button is available now even on the current version of Bing, if you haven’t been moved over, yet:


The blog post is also promising new rewards on the way, including digital subscriptions for Zune Pass, Slacker Radio, and Gamefly.

If you live in the US, you just need to sign in to Bing with your Live ID, and sign up for Bing Rewards if you haven’t already, to start seeing your Rewards Points show up in Bing.