Evernote and IM+ coming to Windows Phone marketplace

Two highly popular apps for Windows Phone 7 were released on the Windows Phone marketplace today. The first app, Evernote, had been available on other mobile platforms for quite a while. For those who doesn’t know what Evernote is, it is a note-taking application very similar to OneNote in the Microsoft Office suite, but is available on Windows, MacOS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, and now Windows Phone 7. All your notes taken on Evernote is automatically synced between these devices with Evernote installed, very much similar to OneNote. Check out the screenshots below:

Evernote 1Evernote 2Evernote 3Evernote 4

The second app, IM+, an all-in-one instant messaging service developed by Shape Services, has been submitted to the marketplace today. IM+ allows you to sign in to Yahoo! Messenger, GTalk, AIM Messenger, MySpace IM, Jabber, ICQ, Facebook Chat and Skype. Check out screenshots below:

IM  1IM  2IM  3

Unfortunately, while IM+ on other platforms supports Windows Live Messenger, the Windows Phone version of the app does not allow you to connect to Windows Live Messenger, due to Microsoft’s restriction on the Windows Phone marketplace (Microsoft has done it before with Li’Messenger). Currently, the only app on the marketplace that can connect to Windows Live Messenger is the Messenger by Miyowa app. But it won’t be long until Microsoft will be officially integrating Windows Live Messenger support into the Messaging hub in the "Mango" update, so it might be worth the wait!

You can check out the Evernote app for free here (opens in Zune software). To try out IM+ now, you will need to sign up for the beta version by completing the form here, or alternatively you can wait until the app gets approved by Microsoft, which may take a few days until it appears on the marketplace.