Hey, look what SkyDrive just pulled off! Instant Update!

For those of us used to months long “rollouts” of Windows Live features, today’s SkyDrive update, thankfully, seems to have showed up for just about everyone, all at once.

We were initially given a 2pm PDT embargo time, and then notified around noon that things might go a little later than planned (but to go ahead and post at 2).  Knowing the history of Windows Live updates, we weren’t all that optimistic, but right about 3pm, reports started coming in via Twitter that the new interface was ready.

Still a bit skeptical, we asked on Twitter (you can follow @liveside) if you were seeing the new SkyDrive too:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/liveside/status/82932913318002688″]

The results came back quickly, and all positive!  So far, we’ve heard from Austria, Indonesia, The Netherlands, the UK (“Breaking news: no longer sucks in Chrome, too”, says Mark Cadwaladr!), Chile, Uruguay, The Bahamas, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Barbados, and Australia.  We also heard from Spain (via IM), and no, we’re not forgetting Canada.

Aside from being honored to be associated with Windows Live enthusiasts from all over the globe, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate not having to take the “why US only?” flak we always seem to be dodging (hey, maybe all our complaining did some good!).  Of course the nature of the SkyDrive architecture may make it more possible to do this kind of an around the world update, but hopefully it’s a hint of things to come!  Great work SkyDrive team!

Feel free to chime in with your SkyDrive country of origin, and tell us what you think of the new HTML5 interface.  So far the feedback seems positive!