Microsoft reveals new Windows Phone Mango devices from Samsung, Fujitsu, ZTE and Acer

In a rather surprising move today, Andy Lees, President of Windows Phone Division, revealed to the world several of the new Windows Phone “Mango” devices during Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 in Los Angeles. In the Day 2 keynote, Andy Lees showed off new phones coming from Samsung, Fujitsu, ZTE, and Acer. Check out the video below:


From the video above, it is speculated that the new Samsung device is the rumored SGH-i937, said to be the Windows Phone version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Clearly shown in the video, this device features a front-facing camera and is described to be very “thin and light”. Also shown in the video is a new phone from Fujitsu, described as having waterproof properties, as well as a new devices from ZTE and Acer (the Acer W4). No further details are available on these devices, nor did they show off any Nokia Windows Phone devices, but do expect more details to be coming out in the next few months! What are your thoughts on these new devices? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Within Windows for the YouTube video. Note that according to Microsoft, these “aren’t production phones and shouldn’t be taken as indicative of what’s coming down the line”.

Edit: The presenter in the video above isn’t Andy Lees, but demoed the new devices during a portion of the keynote featuring Lees.  We’ll correct it as soon as the day 2 keynote video is posted and we can find his name 🙂

Edit #2: The presenter in the video is Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division at Microsoft.