Windows Phone “Mango” released to manufacturing: podcast

According to the Lowdermilks over at Windows Phone Dev Podcast, the latest version of the Windows Phone OS, code named “Mango” has been released to manufacturing, and is being sent out to carriers and OEMs to begin their (sometimes long and arduous) testing process.

While the current dev version of Mango, available to App Hub developers, is “7661.WP7_5_Trial(mojobld)”, the final version is being reported as build 7710.

Mango will be released at some point as a free download for existing Windows Phones, as well as becoming available on new phones from Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE, Nokia and others.  With the reluctance of the mobile carriers to update the first Windows Phones to the previous upgrade, “NoDo” in a timely manner, we’re a bit skeptical that existing phones will get Mango before new devices are released, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

Update: Bill Cox from Windows Phone tweeted today that the Windows Phone Dev Podcast guys apparently jumped the gun a bit:

[blackbirdpie url=!/billcox/status/94503005889642498]
but sounds like good news is on the way!