First Windows Phone Tango build spotted in the wild?

Windows Phone TangoAccording to Tezawaly from (via WMPowerUser), a variety of new Windows Phone 7 build numbers have been logged in the “Dude, where is my update?” app.

While most of the numbers are not surprising – 7711,7712,7715,7717,7718 and 7720, most interesting is the build  7.10.8200. This build is newer than the recent announced RTM version 7720, and it may be from Windows Phone Tango code branch.

What’s new in the Windows Phone Tango? We don’t have further information from Microsoft yet. But it is expected to bring some enterprise support improvements, Skype integration, IE 10 core, Nokia feature and more.

Here is another story about Windows Phone build number – clarification on Mango main build number ”7.1 or 7.5”, from Mary Jo Foley:

Here’s the word on Microsoft’s plans for specific build numbers once Mango is out from Simpkins: “Although we will be marketing the ‘Mango’ release as ‘Windows Phone 7.5′, the 7.5 phones (will be running) ‘Windows Phone OS 7.1′. While not an ideal pairing, it’s similar to how Windows 7 is actually Windows OS version 6.1.”