Messenger Connect releases code samples to GitHub

Microsoft recently released a new version of Messenger Connect, allowing developers to integrate elements of Windows Live ID, Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive into their own applications.  Today, in a post at Inside Windows Live, they’ve announced a series of code samples released to the free, open source code repository GitHub.  Included are three broad classes of code samples:

    1. Mobile client samples that show how to integrate user data into applications written in Silverlight and Objective C targeting the Windows Phone and iOS platforms.
    2. A desktop code sample that shows how to integrate user data into applications written in C#.
    3. Server-side code samples that show how to access user data using server-to-server calls when the user has given the application long-lived access to their data (for example, the application requested the wl.offline_access scope).

If you’re developing applications, especially mobile apps for Windows Phone and/or iPhone, check out the post and the code samples!