Share music and video files via Messenger to Windows Phone “Mango”

Windows Phone “Mango” is full of surprises, and the build we’ve been playing around isn’t even the final build yet. A few days ago we told you about Windows Phone “Mango” being able to stream both music and videos from SkyDrive. Today, the guys over at MobileTechWorld  (via WPCentral) discovered a nice feature where users can receive both music and video files via Windows Live Messenger on Windows Phone “Mango”. They’ve got it demoed on video, check it out below:


Note that this transfer is one-way only, meaning that you can only send music/video files from your PC’s Messenger to the phone, but not the other way around (“Mango” only supports sending of photos via Messenger on the phone). Further, just like the files you receive from email, you can only open the transferred file via the Messaging hub, and the music/video file you opened will not be added to your library in the Music+Videos hub.

Either way, it’s good to see Windows Phone “Mango” natively supports playback of some of these common file types. What else have you found out about “Mango”, let us know in the comments below!