Linking Windows Live ID’s possible again

Remember how all of a sudden you couldn’t link Windows Live IDs anymore? How disappointed we were and in some cases how angry we got because of this possibility disappearing just like that? Well, all the feedback you gave, here and elsewhere, helped! The ability to create new linked IDs is being re-enabled!

Next week all of you should be able to link IDs again!

The ability to link Windows Live IDs got turned off in a major update last month to encourage use of the new features (aliases, email aggregation, plus addresses) they added to help you manage multiple emails addresses and accounts.

Eric Doerr says:

As we have made these changes, we looked at how most people use Linked IDs and found that, for the most part, they were used to solve exactly these problems – managing multiple email addresses and accounts. In our major update last month, one of the things we did is turn off the ability to create new Linked IDs, instead encouraging use of our new features. However it became clear from listening to your feedback that there were many people who used Linked IDs for other reasons, and so we are making a change today to re-enable the creation of Linked IDs.

Thank you all for your feedback and thanks team for listening and bringing the feature back to live!