Are you a Bing “Advocate”?

Clicking through the Bing Rewards button on the Bing home page today yielded and interesting discovery, a new Bing Advocacy Program:

bing advocacy

Open to US residents 13 or over, the program is looking for charter members in a new community of Bing enthusiasts:

Your input, ideas and creative thinking will help shape this new program. As part of this new community of Bing enthusiasts, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide feedback on upcoming features
  • Get access to exclusive content
  • Team up to create content for Bing’s sites and your community
  • Become a voice of Bing
  • Show off your expertise and help others across the web

Once you sign up, you’re presented with a set of questions, including “How do you feel about Bing?” (Love Bing / Bing is OK / I don’t prefer Bing ), and:

What interests you most about participating in the Bing advocacy program?

  • Access to Bing content I can’t get anywhere else
  • Ability to test-drive new features
  • People look to me as their go-to expert
  • Direct interaction with the Bing Team
  • Shape the future of the Bing Community
  • Spread the Bing love
  • Attend Bing events

You can take the survey at  Sounds interesting!