SkyDrive Wave 5 to finally support multiple files selection

SkyDriveWhen Microsoft released the new Windows Live SkyDrive Wave 5 M0 update back in June 2011 with a full UI revamp, while it provided a much more user-friendly interface to view and manage your files, it still carried many inconveniences from the previous Wave 4 version. Many users commented both on LiveSide and the official Inside Windows Live blog about the inability to select multiple files or folders for various file management operations (like deleting or moving multiple files all at once). Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager for Windows Live SkyDrive, promised that they have definitely heard the feedback and will look into them.

Indeed they have listened to your feedback. LiveSide recently learnt that SkyDrive will soon allow users to select multiple files or folders at once – very similar to how Hotmail allow users to select multiple e-mails at once – and perform file operations on them. Here’s a quick peek at the upcoming improvement:

SkyDrive Multiple File Select

This is only a small part of the upcoming update to SkyDrive. We have previously revealed that Microsoft is developing SkyDrive client apps for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac and Android, and that SkyDrive will soon support devices integration. There’s lot’s more bigger things to come, so make sure you stay tuned at LiveSide for the latest on SkyDrive and Windows Live!