Building up to Build (bonus: Windows 8 Build app coming?)

Microsoft’s highly anticipated Build conference, this year’s version of PDC, WinHEC (and Mix?), all rolled into one, gets started next week with keynotes on Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 9am PDT (GMT –7).

We’ll be there, of course, liveblogging one more time with our motley crew of Microsoft bloggers, and you can follow along here on LiveSide and join in the conversation as you watch the live webcast of the events (no direct url yet, should be available from the Build press page).


Along with live webcasts of the keynotes, Microsoft promises to have webcast versions of all Build sessions up within 24 hours of their occurrence, even though we still don’t know what any of those sessions will be.

Oh, and it looks like there may be one more way to keep up with those unannounced-til-the-last-minute sessions.  Tipster Jonathon sent us a screenshot of a very interesting link appearing in what we’re calling the “tablet” version of Bing:


“Open page with Build app” – hmm, very interesting!  Looks like not only will there be a Build app, but the new-version Bing may well include links to open results directly in Windows 8 apps!

Thanks as always for the tips!