Change the look of Windows Live Messenger

The look of Windows Live Messenger is great, no? Yet sometimes you wish you could adapt it to the theming of your desktop, only if just a little. This can be achieved by applying a skin, something which only the lucky few ubergeeks were able to create previously. Messenger Plus! had already brought it closer to the public by putting a skinning engine into the popular add-on, with which skinning became a lot easier. Still, creating a skin wasn’t so easy that everybody could do it, so most stuck to readily available skins others created.

Now the makers of Messenger Plus! have found a way to really make this available for everybody, introducing the Easy Skin Creator:

With this wizard it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to create a basic skin which can change Contact List background, Chat Window background and text coloring. Stuff that will suffice for your basic needs of adapting the looks of Windows Live Messenger to your Desktop theme. For those who need more than that there is also the Skin Designer/Editor which allows you to customize your Messenger Looks even more (per element settings).

The version that includes this feature (v. 5.10) was just released, you can get it at

Of course this is not the only benefit Messenger Plus! brings to the user. There is also Plus!’ own chat log feature, now with online chat log storage for those who use multiple computers and wish to access their chat logs anywhere. You can choose to store them online only, locally (on your HDD) only or both, whichever suits your needs best. For those of you who need to be signed in with multiple Live IDs, polygamy is included. The ever popular Messenger Lock, commonly known as boss protection (hide Messenger) is still there too…and there’s more, lots more….

And all this without modifying Messenger resource files! Completely free of charge and safe, uninstall and all will be as before.

I know this article steers away a little bit from what we usually bring on LiveSide, but this was just too good not to share with you…