Bing enables HTML5 home page in the US

Well, it’s a start anyway.  Tonight, Bing (and yes, in the US only) has enabled an HTML5 video on the home page, a time lapse video of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming:

bing home page video

As usual, the home page image changed at midnight, but for this first day of autumn, US Bing users get a bit of a special treat (as long as they’re using an HTML5 enabled browser, of course).

A post on the Bing Search blog has some more information, and this short video featuring Stephanie Horstmanshof, Managing Editor for the Bing home page.


From what we can tell, none of the other HTML5 features supposedly coming to Bing have been enabled, so we’ll have to make do with a pretty cool home page for now.  According to Horstmanshof, Bing will not run a new video every day, but to mark special occasions, or when they have a special video to share.